Founded on September 8, 2004

Our Mission

To increase community acceptance and improve the quality of life for adults with serious mental illness by facilitating meaningful work, education, housing, and social opportunities.

what is club horizon?

Over a decade ago a group of parents of adults with mental illness joined with mental health advocates to create a new kind of program for their family, a program that treated adults as adults, allowing them to make their own decisions for their recovery; a program that involved them in every decision of the organization; a program to help them gain the employment skills and education necessary to advance their dreams; a program that never called them “patients” or “clients” but always called them members.  This program is Club Horizon.  Club Horizon is a nationally-recognized and award-winning rehab community for adults with mental illness, the only mental health clubhouse in all of Wake County, and the only community for adults who are deaf and mentally ill in all of North Carolina.

What is a clubhouse?

A Clubhouse is a model of psychosocial rehabilitation (PSR) which promotes recovery, full community integration, and improved quality of life for persons who have mental health conditions that seriously impair functioning. Clubhouse services directly address the high risks that persons with serious mental illness experience with regard to frequent hospitalizations, low levels of functioning in the community, social isolation, persistent homelessness, inappropriate incarceration, and unemployment.

The program operates during regular business hours, promoting mutual acceptance, respect, and support. Persons with severe and persistent mental illness work at their own pace to gain or regain the confidence and skills necessary to lead vocationally productive and socially satisfying lives. Centering on the concept of a “work-ordered day,” each “member” chooses to participate in one of several work units to accomplish the daily functions of the Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse also provides independent housing support, assistance in attaining educational goals, and help with other life needs such as food, clothing, transportation, physical wellness, entitlement benefits, and employment.

Clubhouse programs are known to prevent repeated hospitalizations for people who need coordinated and often enhanced supports in order to function well in the community. As an example, national statistics show that re-hospitalization rates for clubhouse members is 14 percent, compared with 44 percent for those not in a clubhouse setting. Club Horizon has maintained member re-hospitalization rates of less than 10 percent since provision of Clubhouse services began in 2004.

what is transitional employment?

Club Horizon offers a 3 tier employment program which includes transitional employment, supported employment, and independent employment.

Transitional employment is the entry level employment tier designed to assist clubhouse members who have never worked and/or due to their illness have not worked in a long time. Each placement is 6 to 9 months in length and can range from 5 to 20 hours per week.  Each placement is overseen by a primary placement manager and back-up placement manager. The placement manager learns the job, coordinates the member placement, and organizes the training. If a member is unable to complete the job or is absent for any reason, it is the role of the clubhouse to provide coverage by a placement manager (usually a staff) at no charge to the company. These placements belong to Club Horizon and placement managers become the company liaisons. Currently Club Horizon has 11 placements with companies including Marshalls, Residence Inn, Cici’s pizza, Dicky’s BBQ, and Knightdale Pharmacy. All transitional employment placements occur between normal business hours Monday to Friday.

Supported employment is the second tier and these jobs belong to the member individually. Currently Club Horizon has 13 members working at companies including Dicky’s BBQ, Lowes Foods, Harris Teeter, Walmart, and C’s Market. Clubhouse support may include development of resumes, completing mock interviews, getting an interview, and using contacts in order to assist the member with extra support if needed. These positions can exceed 20 hours per week and do not have to occur on weekdays or between 8am to 5pm business hours.

Independent employment is the third tier and occurs when the member obtains his or her own job with little assistance from Club Horizon staff or partners. 

What We've achieved

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What it means

Clubhouses are communities of people who are dedicated to one another’s success, no matter how long it takes or how difficult it is.
— Clubhouse International